Monday, July 30, 2012

Sorry, Wrong Number

Has it happened to you ? Well, it’s finally happened to me.

I was getting dinner ready the other night when I hear the familiar ping! indicating a text message on my phone. I stopped stirring the pot to glance at the message.

Assuming it would be a message about organising a girls night out I am totally unprepared when I read the message.

The message reads…..Hey Jo .Nice to meet u last night. Thanks for ur number. Just at work would be great to catch up again .

I struggle with the reality that the message is not for me .. OK so now what do  I do? Do I answer , delete the message, phone a girlfriend for advice?

I then put myself in the position of the sender and think what would I want to see happen ? imagine if you’d thought you had met Mr .Right and upon putting yourself out there he ignores you.

I decide to reply, because it is the right thing to do, isn’t it?

I respond via text and explain they have text the wrong person.

Immediately another Ping! The sender expresses their disbelief …….Omg r u serious???? No way, can’t believe she fake numbered me.

Feeling sorry for them, I text back trying to find some words of wisdom to a stranger I’ve never met.. and simply say.. plenty more fish in the sea!

Again Ping! Another message. The unknown stranger suggests in colourful language informing the reason for the search was not for a long term relationship but short term…My romantic bubble has burst!

The storyline I had conjured up in my mind was not the one playing out in reality.

Ping! The final message he sends is a thankyou and cya hunny!

I don’t think I’ve been called hunny! (his spelling) in an age.

After the error text message saga… I found myself thinking that those few messages exchanged with a stranger gave me a glimpse into someone’s life and even writing about it now feels somehow disloyal.

Have you ever received a text message in error what was your experience?

How did it make you feel and what did you do?

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  1. Ha ha ha! Hilarious! You are truly a god samaritan though lovely and now have good karma for a week for helping the poor fella out, cheers, Alli x