Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Between the Sheets...

I say Pyjamas, you say PJ’s or it is a nightie or your man’s oversized t-shirt or do you do skin?

What do our pyjamas say about us?

We all spend hours, days and months finding that special outfit for a wedding, a ball, the races, a first date, but how much time do we spend shopping for our night wear?

Are PJ’s just not that important?  No-one sees them except you and maybe your special someone and if the special someone has been around for a while do we take less care with our night attire?

I confess I personally go for comfort – I go for a man sized t-shirt, which doesn’t hitch up, have any sharp bits such as buttons, zips or fancy lace to get in the way of my sweet dreams.

We have all heard of Peter Alexander and his multi-million dollar empire built on the humble pyjama.  He is smart in ensuring all pyjama tastes are matched to the variety of women and men that shop there – from the sweet little nothings to the Bridget Jones flannelettes!

PJ’s are immune to fashion influences which allows us the freedom to choose what suits our personal tastes and comfort without fear or favour, and stylish and daggy is equally acceptable.
At the end of the day (or night!) a good night sleep is the test of a sleep savvy night time wardrobe.
Whether you think pyjamas are sexy or passion killers – we are all entitled to go Ahhhh! when we slip into our PJ’s.

Sweet dreams.

A survey of work habits found 25% of people who work from home do so in their PJ’s.

What do you wear to bed?
Your best ever Pyjama Party memory? How old were you? What did you do?

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