Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Believe it or not?

(Cue Spooky Music!) I have always had a fascination with those of us that profess to have a second sense about the future.  I regularly read my horoscope.  The common sense part of my brain says it’s all one size fits all! And I am only one of a zillion Gemini’s but I still am drawn to the prospect that “something” undefinable in the universe likes me and will give me a good report for the coming week.  What can I say! – it’s my idea of a little fun self indulgence.
Curiosity about the future is something we all have – will there be romance?  Will Mr. Right arrive on his white horse? Will there be money? A great job? Happy life? Health? Will I travel?

So to the real story, my girlfriend and I decided to attend our Tick The Box advertised “Freaky Friday” event.  So with excitement and anticipation we drove to the venue, naturally it was a dark, cold winter’s night
which added to the atmosphere.  We were welcomed warmly by our host and asked to remove our shoes and take a seat.  In a dimly lit but warm and cosy room we were introduced to the intuitive who would read our cards.  The intuitive surprisingly appeared more like one of my girlfriends than a velvet wearing gypsy stereotype.
The reading was delivered confidently and positively and was both individual to the recipient and insightful.

On the drive home afterwards, my girlfriend and I commented that all of us in the room were given personal readings that had significant relevant to us.

We left feeling buoyant and positive about the future and the whole experience we agreed was uplifting and good, clean fun!

I realize there is diverse opinion about fortune telling and tarot reading but whichever you are: believer or skeptic, tarot reading has been in our world for centuries and offers a simple road map for our chosen path of travel.

Thomas Jefferson once said: ‘I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past’.

Have you got a fortune telling story you can share....did your reading come true?

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