Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flower Power

Who of us doesn’t love to receive a bunch of flowers?
What is it about these lovely blooms that make us feel all warm and fuzzy?

We integrate them into all the important stages of our lives – birth, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Wedding and even in death.

Is it that these poignant petals being a living thing together with their sheer beauty and simplicity inspire us, flatter us, and express emotions when perhaps words are not sufficient?

I can recall as kids we used to pick the flowers from our neighbours’ houses and present them to our mother.  Even as children we knew our Mother would love them despite the gentle chastisement for not seeking the neighbour’s permission.  The wonderchild (my daughter) has even replicated this same trait on occasion to my delight.
It is understandable that us girls never tire of receiving a bunch of flowers and the thrill never fades. 

It would seem Interflora florists all over the world and the humble local florist will simply never run out of customers to satisfy.

Fresh flowers need not be an expensive extravagance, your local green grocer and supermarket offer affordable and seasonal blooms to brighten your day.

Floristry and Floriology is a mix of science and art.  We are now becoming educated in what these blooms represent a particular emotion so we can be more discerning about our choices for that special someone or matched to the occasion.

Fun Flower Facts:

Pink Carnation – meaning – (somewhat controversial) – I will never forgive.
Jonquil – meaning – desire.
Orchid  – meaning – refined beauty.
Poppy – meaning – fantastic extravagance.
Sunflower stems were used to fill life jackets before modern materials.
Every plant at Tomorrow Land , Disneyland is edible.

I know it’s a cliché but flowers are not just reserved for Valentine’s Day they should be purchased by us for our own pleasure and that of others whatever the occasion. 
Go on smell the roses!

What’s your favourite flower story? You know secret admirer, a lost love…

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