Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shop til you drop!

Ok girls, so you all know how to shop, you know why you shop: whether it is for pleasure, social interaction with your girlfriends, a need to have the latest fashion must have or simply there a just some things a girl needs.

Whatever your personal  motivation I am reliably informed there are shopper classifications which those in retail look for to make the sale.

So here's the criteria so you can be more shop savvy at the point of sale.

Firstly, there is the social shopper:
this type of shopper wants to get to know the shop assistant, by having a chat and a latte and learning more about them gaining confidence in the relationship and after feeling they know them will make a purchase.

Then comes the cautious shopper:

this shopper has to have everything explained to them, loves the detail, seeks other's opinions and often will have to return to the store with a friend and really struggles to make a decision to purchase.

The Control shopper...is someone that knows exactly what they want , wants no explanation or dialogue with staff and will purchase with confidence.

The Risk taker shopper... does want to hear the sales pitch and will decide quickly if there is prestige and celebrity attached to purchase. They do like a bargain and look for a good deal.

After doing the psychology and if I'm brutally honest I'm a cautious shopper...some of the days and others I'm very spontaneous and would fit in the control section..that comes mainly from being a solo shopper in what shopping time I have available to me I very rarely get the luxury of shopping with my girlfriends .

The lesson to be learned here is to recognize your shopping style and know that a smart retailer will adjust their selling style to you.

Of course, there's no science to this and we have all had a bad shopping  experience where you get no service ,are seemingly ignored ,the overly zealous assistant telling you ,you look like Elle McPherson in your skinny jeans or as I have experienced in some larger department stores endure a power walk to 3 different service desks before finding someone other than the cleaner to serve you!

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What's your shopping style?

Do you have a shopping horror story ?

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