Monday, July 7, 2014

Good enough ?

I walked into a room of strangers last week , all business women and learned a lot about these very honest and courageous women. I learned about their careers, their families and what got them to this point in their lives as entrepreneurs and business owners.

Women are great conversationalists, open, warm, witty and smart. I mean not just academically clever but life skill and common-sense smart .. the stuff you can't learn from books.

Whilst statistics are pointing to us having more leisure time, I know I'm guilty of filling it up with stuff ! and feeling guilty for even one minute I'm found in front of the TV or on the couch during daylight hours .So once again I fill my day up, well beyond the kids sport and school activities. Such a Super mum or Super fraud ??

I struggle with permission to allow myself time off.. even the indulgence to sit in a café for 15 mins to have a cuppa on  my own seems way too decadent.

I've made an observation over recent months there is a real shift in women not only having meaningful careers in  the Wellness and Holistic healing industry but women seeking out these experts for assistance with life's challenges both in relation to their physical and mental well being.

I suspect it's because we feel isolated , disconnected and need reassurance, and to hear, Yes you are okay! and your doing a great job and somewhere in the blur of being busy you lose your sense of self. You simply get to the point where your body tells you enough.. slow down. The On switch just never quite makes it to the off position.

The most positive attribute of alternative health and wellness modalities are in whatever form they come in .. they all serve the purpose to assist you, support you and give absolute permission for you to stop and smell the roses.. this for me removes the guilt tag!

In the olden days,you would have had a group of largely female friends you would see regularly where you would exchange ideas and yes even recipes and be comfortable in your skin and know that all was well with the world and you did in fact fit in. I'm not talking in a creepy Stepford wives way, but just being at  peace with your self and know that you are a good person and have supportive friends.

I said to a Mindfulness coach recently in my role as the owner of  Tick The Box an Event Management and hosting business my aim was to look after the smiles and hers was to care of the souls!

So when someone asks you how you are, is good enough okay??

What's your response?  

Love to hear what keeps you smiling and centred .. please share your tips below.

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