Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cross my heart ...

If you were ever in the Girl Guides.. you'd be familiar with this "I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God , to serve the Queen and help other people  ". etc etc.
If only it was that easy...

As the year numbered 2013 comes to a close and 2014 stands on the horizon looking all shiny and new .I like many feel the need to reinvent myself. And I like many struggle trying to sort between resolutions & plans vs. promises ,the lines are indeed blurred.

Of course, there are the usual promises I make to myself you know the ones, more gym time, lose 5 kgs, eat cleaner, smile more often and so the list continues.

Others will attempt their annual effort to give up smoking or some other vice that threatens their health.. some will of course succeed and others will fail .
Have you noticed how our TV ads are peppered with the weight loss offers, those cunning marketers knowing we have over indulged and a looking for a quick fix to get our bikini bods back!

What's wrong with indulging in some bubbles and chip and dip??We know the partying ends almost as soon as it starts and then its back to work with a tub of low-fat yoghurt and cardboard flavoured dry biscuits!

New Years resolutions always seem to be packaged as a wish list ! similar to the ones you make when you blow out the birthday candles , you know the ones : let me win lotto or a tall dark stranger will come and sweep me off my feet, all of which are somewhat whimsical, cheesy, frivolous and fun.

My advice is stop making the wish list! it creates anxiety and stress and you only set yourself up for a mental telling off for having not met what were for the most part unattainable goals in the first place.

Leave the marathon running to those that do it all year round and not just at Christmas, as for the diet and exercise do what you can when you can and be happy in your efforts. And lastly and probably most importantly whatever made you happy in 2013 make sure you do more of those things in 2014.

My plan for 2014 I hear you ask ??is to live 2014 the best way I can and surround myself with those special people from 2013 and if I can add to that list in 2014 I am blessed.

Dear Reader Happy 2014 !!

What is your New Year's wish and, more importantly, will it come true??


  1. Tick The Box rocks! Love the reality check and agree - surround yourself with positive people and plenty of nurturing in 2014 and you can't go wrong. Hope all Tick The Box fans have a terrific year ahead.

    1. Thanks Vanessa for taking the time to respond .. agree totally positive = positive outcomes for all !