Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What lies beneath

Never ask a women her age .. Isn't that what social etiquette dictates .? Well I'm quite happy to be the exception to the rule and I'll explain why.

2 years ago my skin reacted violently to an over the counter premium range of skincare products that I had been quite happy with for sometime. Steroids together with numerous trips to the doctor and a myriad of lotions and potions finally saw my skin become my friend again.

My experience left me mistrusting ALL skincare products  no matter the alleged benefits or perceived guarantees.

I was left with my one and only no fail skincare product of $3.99 store bought sorbolene cream.

Some months in I became aware the sorbolene cream wasn't hydrating or moisturising my skin it was simply providing a barrier to the outside world with no lasting benefit.

Enter, my good friend lets call her V, who mentioned to me she had been using on her sensitive skin an online only / direct selling skincare range , I was extremely tentative and indeed VERY skeptical. It was only that my friend V, is a person of high integrity and has a vast skillset in wellness and nutrition that I gave it a try.

To my absolute delight the Arbonne skincare range has surpassed my expectations to the point where I am now an Independent Consultant for the Company.

The products are for me, my only products and I have evicted from my vanity and make up bags all the half used,  half opened products, the pink eyeshadows the whimsical and spontaneous purchases that I thought I might use one day!

So, yes it's a happy ending !

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