Thursday, November 29, 2012

A walk on the wild side...

Red lights, seedy alley ways, men lurking in the shadows…

The Daily Planet...yes we all know is the office of Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the Superman series...Well not anymore, The Daily Planet in Melbourne is the largest brothel in the Southern Hemisphere and is a publicly listed company. It is a massive structure and advertises itself in bold neon lights in the way McDonalds would and makes no apologies for its existence.  This is a serious business and run like one accountable to its shareholders.

Tick The Box was asked to arrange an exclusive tour for a group of girls for a pre-dinner excursion. Yes, an unusual request but we do like a challenge.

Yes, we assumed it would be a light-hearted and frivolous pre-dinner entertainment...but it was so much more. We got the opportunity to meet the Manager, a sex worker and then have a tour of every aspect of the business. We toured every nook and cranny of the premises from the billiard room, the bar and the rooms where the paying customers venture.

The rooms were not unlike hotel rooms offering standard to deluxe options depending on the customer’s budget.

The Q & A  with the sex worker (let’s call her Sally) was the highlight of the girls night out. Sally was engaging, humorous and honest. What struck me was that take away the sexy clothes (to help you conjure the visual think Pretty Women shiny red thigh high boots) she was a girl like us, Sally was smart, savvy and given the fact she earns upwards of $2,500 per week is likely to have an investment portfolio we would all envy. Oh and another point just like pretty women she says NO to kissing.
Intriguing, fun and curious descibes this girls' night out.  Perhaps all the girls left with a newfound respect for this industry and the girls that choose to work in it.

Feedback from the girls night out..

Hello! A million points to you for lining up that Daily Planet visit.

Seriously! I’ll be dining out on that one for months!

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  1. Wow, what a unique tour! I think it's wonderful to gain various perspectives and understanding on different people and professions, and great that you had the opportunity to do this.