Monday, September 24, 2012

Lipstick Confessions

I spent the best part of this morning hunting through handbags for my new lipstick.
I confess I'm a bit manic about my lipsticks. I don't own many and when I finally find a colour I like I wear it to death.   I realised this morning to my horror my brand-new lipstick had been lost. This lipstick I'd only purchased on Friday and if I'm honest I was loving my new pouty lips with a good measure of colour and gloss.  This lipstick was a replacement for one I'd owned previously and it was only because I'd worn out it's predecessor that a new one had to be sourced.I was literally scraping it out of the case.

Just when all hope was lost I searched my car recalling as a result of braking hard in traffic the other day the contents of my handbag had spilled all over the passenger seat. After frisking my car... putting my hands into the dark recesses where even the vacuum fails to go, I saw it, the glint of the silver casing.. Filled with relief, I clutched it safely in my hand.

I'm guilty of simply throwing my lippy loosely into my handbag whilst rushing out the door.  I have made a note to purchase a small make up bag to avoid this scenario again.

Lipstick is a very personal thing. And we all have our favourites: whether it is full gloss, semi gloss, matte, plumping, 12 hr staying power and the packaging is equally alluring,

I rarely if ever use a lip liner, in the face of expert advice and this has more to do with time than desire.
All girls love a lipstick - whether your out on the town with the girls, your first date, stepping out to get the milk, having a cuppa with your mum or a latte with your best friend, with minimal effort with a swipe of lippy you can feel confident ready to face anything and transform any outfit.

What does your lipstick say about you?
I found this horoscope like guide based on how you use your lipstick .
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  1. Hi Virginia! Amanda from Adventures and Misadventures of a Mummypreneur here I just wanted to drop in and say hi from the Motivating Mum blogging carnival.I enjoyed your post and I too am very possessive of my lipstick :). In fact my favourite (which is now no longer sold) got applied, eaten and spread all over the bathroom by my dear little toddlers - you can imagine how impressed I was :)!