Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What every "Go to Girl" should know..

Well, you’ve been given the job of organising the girls night out! Where to start? What to do? Who to invite?... your mind is reeling with the possibilities, the stress and drama.

Here’s an easy step by step guide to make you look brilliant and guarantees you and your friends have a truly remarkable time, stress free!

Step 1
Decide the activity or event..

You know your girlfriends better than anyone .. and no, don’t ask them as they’ll be happy to submit any number of suggestions that will simply create more indecision.

  • Are they going to want to do indoor, outdoor, a night on the town, chick flicks in PJ's with a take away, something with lippy and heels or perhaps ....a how to class.?
  • To assist my website can give you tips and ideas under the “Just Because “ tab or if you know the style of your group check the “Category “ tab that best fits your groups interest and you’re almost there! 

Step 2

Guest list

Okay you've chosen an activity, well done! The event will dictate who’s on the list.....definitely no party poopers or glum faces.

Step 3

The Invitation

There’s always going to be old school vs new school over email vs mailed invites.

I would reserve the mailed version to life events:  big number birthdays, shower teas, etc

Otherwise, you should simply email your invitations to your guest list and include:

  • the date, time, when, where, a map and any special info....do they need sensible shoes for walking, or old clothes for art class, comfy clothes as you’re doing an indoor pamper night, or dress up for high tea Or night out
  • If you want to get a bit fancy this free e-invite website is brilliant and I’ve used it many times. LOVE IT!!  http://www.smilebox.com/ and you don’t need to be a super geek to use it.
  • Or a simple Facebook event invite.. watch this one , if you, like me ,get swamped by them , I don’t believe these are taken as seriously as a direct e- invite.
  • If it’s a special event and you want mailed invitations the same rules apply.

Step 4


This is where it can get ugly, these options I’ve road tested with great success (and NO tears!):

Option 1

Only RSVP inability to attend by ….. ( date)

So no news is good news!

Option 2

If  $$ are required to finance the event, there is nothing more horrifying than chasing friends for money.. it’s never pretty for the chaser or chasee.

I would insert this paragraph:

 I know you’ll want to be involved so to secure your spot and so you don’t miss out please pay $$$ by …. date to my Bank account BSB … Account NO …

Regrettably, if funds are not received by the due date .. you will be staying at home, looking at our Facebook and Instagram posts.

This may seem a bit aggressive but it will save you a lot of drama and stress.

Step 5


Your safety and that of your girlfriends is paramount.
  • Ensure if you are travelling  to and from your destination in private vehicles , it is clear who are the designated alcohol free drivers.
  • Alternatives ,such as hiring a mini bus again ensuring a ”no drink” driver is designated or a maxi cab to and from but do pre book especially for weekend events.
The secret to a good time is all in the planning, just take some time to think it through and feel free to use this template as a guide to ensure your night is as remarkable and as memorable as you , your girlfriends and your friendships.

Share your tried and tested recipes for girl time success simply comment below.

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