Friday, March 22, 2013

XOXO vs Kind Regards

Which side are you on?

So are you a fan of the 'ox' sign off?

We all send and receive 100’s of emails a week. And I’m sure you will all agree the email sign offs vary from the kisses and hugs xxoo, to no hugs, cheers, thank you, regards, best regards, warm regards and so the list goes on.

I myself receive messages daily with up to 10 variations of “Regards” and strangers are kissing and hugging me!

It now seems we are also feminising our workplaces with the xoxo sign offs.

The xxxing has gone from being a secret sign off to lovers and those nearest and dearest to us to just a general sign of warmth to the email or text recipient.

And if it’s not the xxoo it’s the emojis we use to reflect our emotions without words. Is this a good thing?

In the workplace, and at meetings and only with women, I have noticed a shift from the handshake, which for us girls is a relatively new tool to now getting hugged or kissed by strangers where there has only been limited email traffic prior to the face to face meet.

Does it make me feel uncomfortable, yes!. I find it unnerving and I have to then pull away from this show of intimacy and then back into a more professional stance.

Recently is was reported the U.S. TV news Queen - Diane Sawyer uses 'xo' so frequently that its omission can spark panic amongst staff when suddenly its omitted.

I guess the reality is to use your sign offs with care and thought as to who your target is and the message you want to portray....whether it be hearts and flowers or a more professional approach.

Statistics show us girls are slowly taking over the world, and I’m happy for us to do it one "xxx" e‑mail at a time. When used with care.

Tick the Box, the business is all about S.W.A.L.K which translates to Sealing it With A Loving Kiss xxoo!


  1. For any professional emails I sign off kind regards or thank you in advance (I know a little presumptuous). For family and friends I sign off xox. Most of my blog posts though I sign off Mands xox

  2. Ha ha this a great article - I have noticed this myself on professional emails received, but it didn't particularly bother me, just presumed they were a far more bubbly personality than me! I have been known to use the xx at the end of a text message to my sister or sister-in-laws though.

  3. I always sign off with an 'x' - except for emails to guys!

    My brand is warmth and friendliness and I think signing off with a good smooch is an indicator of who I am and the business I run! x