Monday, June 4, 2012

First Love

Of course, I remember my first love...

I recalled a brief attachment to the high school sports star, let’s call him Ben. Ben gave me greater credibility to hang with the cool kids:- he was confident in a bad boy way, prepared to speak up and talk back.  I on the other hand was the class so called “goody goody”, over studious, never late for school, the school get the picture.

We were together for what now appears to be a fleeting period. But like most of us I have wondered where life’s journey has taken him.. had he married? Had children? Dare I say it remained a bachelor as he was unable to find a girl like me!

I can’t even recall how or why we broke up, I suspect for me at the tender age of 14 it was more about the challenge of getting the good looking boy, not about keeping him.

Fast forward 30 years and with the high school reunion imminent, I seemed to transform from an otherwise sane adult to an excitable teenager.

I knew Ben would be there and fussed more than normal on my appearance on the big night.

I arrived scanning the room for him and of course, he was late.

He eventually arrived and I was surprised to see the years had been kind to him, he was a little older ,yet still had the cheeky grin that had attracted me all those years ago.  He confidently sat next to me, he asked a million questions trying I guess to catch up on the 30 year gap that had separated us.

What surprised and flattered me was he recalled details of insignificant events that I failed to recall and was even a little angry with me, for not recalling the smaller details.  It became apparent whilst our “rose coloured glasses” versions differed the essence of the first love had felt the same for both of us and that bond somewhow seperated us from the other attendees and made us feel like the special ones.

As we left the reunion separately and knowing it would be forever, Ben requested I kiss him.  Quite publicly, I gave him a peck on the lips knowing it would be our last kiss.
I left the reunion, assured that he had once truly loved me.

As I reflect now, my adult self is comfortable in  the knowledge, that whilst first loves are wonderful. It is okay to play then back in your mind where they are perfect just as they are a lovely memory...But they should be left in the past.

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